I believe hiring a professional photographer is a lot like going out to dinner. Could you eat at home? Of course! Should you eat at home? Yes! Most of the time eating at home is the most convenient & least expensive option- but there are other times, whether it's a special celebration or simply because you all want to be together at the table, that you go out and let the chef make dinner while you simply make memories.

Professional photography is a lot like that. I encourage my clients to take & use their own pictures in their day-to-day lives. For my portrait clients, their cell phone can capture all the spontaneous moments of life they want to remember; for my commercial clients, cell phone pix are their social media pages' best friend!

I am here to capture the special moments, products and designs my clients want to highlight- in vivid color and beautiful detail. Photo sessions last approximately one hour and cost $200. Prints and digitals are ordered separately, so clients only pay for what they need (most clients spend $300-$750). Photo sessions are available at specific destinations around the world. 



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